The U.S. healthcare sector encompasses a vast range of activity, including doctors, hospitals, and many other healthcare providers; pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers; and commercial and not-for-profit health insurers. Government also plays a critical role, as regulators at both the state and federal level and as important sources of funding for programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the complexity, uncertainty, and size of the healthcare industry are all growing, making the need for clarity and foresight even greater.

Members of Freeborn’s Healthcare Practice Group are respected legal and business advisors who have held senior positions in industry-leading organizations and state agencies. They understand the challenges of charting a course among the complex, often competing interests of multiple stakeholders including shareholders, policyholders, regulators, legislators, and executive leadership. In an environment where payers, providers, suppliers, and others must tackle “make-or-break” decisions, Freeborn attorneys provide practical guidance, counseling, and support grounded in real experience.